Saturday, June 2, 2007

Mistress Gypsy Teaches Her sissies a lesson

Dearest Mistress,

I have so diligently desired to be submissive that I never thought about spanking someone else, especially my sweet pantywaist sissy girlfriend, Tricia. For you dear Goddess, I will do so, because you order it.


sissy gina

The story

So Tricia sweetheart, as Mistress Gypsy watches, I will prepare you for the punishment she has decreed. I may cry doing this to you but I must. Girlfriend, both of us will be dressed in matching lingerie and 5" heels. To prepare you I will make your heavily boned corset even tighter than you are accustomed to wear. Your eight garters from the corset will be checked to insure your stockings are taut, and I will run my hands up and down your stockinged legs to feel that you seams are straight. As I do, my hand will slide up to your pantied butt and then around to the front. I shall rub your sissy clit through your panties until you are quite hard. I will also kiss you gently on your deep red lipstick covered lips and press against you. I want you to be sexually aroused for your punishment.

Mistress will be in a large cushioned rattan chair with fan back. She will have one leg over the leg of the chair in a leisurely and domineering pose. I sit on a simple chair only 2 feet away as you bend submissively over my knee. As you do, I notice you quiver a bit and look up to see that Mistress Gypsy has positioned herself so that you can see her uncovered womanhood. I slide your panties down and feel you getting more sexually aroused. Obviously you are thinking of your tongue working to please Mistress Gypsy's pleasure zone, now less than 2 feet away. WHACK, WHACK, WHACK. I slowly and rythymically swat your ass until it is red. The whole time Mistress derides you with humiliating comments. She reminds you that you are not a real man and that you’re longing to dive upon her pussy with your tongue is the best you can hope for as an effeminate sissy. I look up at Mistress to see if she is satisfied. I continue to swat as you squirm and wiggle until Mistress Gypsy laughs and motions me to quit. She leans over and whispers something in your ear but I do not know what she said.

Next you are positioned on your feet, bent over, with your hands on the chair and your face only 6” from Mistress Gypsy’s vaginal zone which you beg to satisfy. As you are bent over, Mistress further derides you the submissive effeminate male that you are. I then bend over and begin to kiss your reddened ass in an effort to make it feel better. As I do so, I use one hand to caress you hard little sissy clitty and the other slides up and down your nylon clad legs.

I am so occupied with you that I do not notice the stud male in the room until he grabs me around the waist and thrusts his hard cock into me and presses me against you. He is screwing me from behind in an instant and I can do nothing but hold on to you. He pulls me away from you and says, “Bitch you are mine now. You can play with your sissy girlfriend later you little fairy.” You turn you head and as you do, there is another big stud male with a hard cock and a big grin. Mistress Gypsy grabs your head and looks at you and smiles. As she does, the second stud penetrates you from behind with his hard cock as you are still bent over and in prime position.

Mistress Gypsy now has the studs position us so that we are facing each other, but both bent over being fucked from behind. We can clearly see each other being eagerly screwed by a man, knowing that neither of us will ever be able act as these men, to enjoy screwing another. All we can to is to put our arms around each other in comfort and let the men have their way with us. Mistress laughs wildly and humiliates us with derogatory comments.

Suddenly the man screwing me pulls out and spins me around, shoving me to my knees. Yours does the same. Then almost simultaneously they both ejaculate on us. Our faces are covered with sticky cum and our hair is a mess, also thick with cum. Each of us has our heads shoved onto the cocks of our respective studs. There we are instructed to clean then off until they are satisfied.

Mistress Gypsy says, “Don’t stop now you panty boys, the camera is still rolling. I want to get the rest of this for my web site.” The whole scene has been video taped. She instructs us to lick each other clean of all the sticky cum ejaculated upon us. And as we do so we are to also to caress and kiss one another acting like the prissy fairies we are. I will never forget the first kiss we shared as our faces were still covered with salty semen. Our lipstick covered lips slid back and forth with the creamy cum lubricating them. The taste of your lips, sweet girlfriend, and the taste of cum from the two stud males who just finished using us for their pleasure leaving us sexually unfulfilled. I’m so horny Tricia darling and you and I now locked in a tight embrace.


ChrissieNYC said...

Lovely blog, Gina. You Texas girls certainly know how to have fun... and the clothes - just yummy.


katelyn said...

sissy gina:
i love your stories. they are soooo real i am dreaming them at night. you are a very lovely sissy and i am very envious of your experiences. I wish i was half the sissy you are and hope i can learn from you insight and experiance in the sissy world.

love, hugs and kisses

Chaste Hubby said...

Holy smokes. What a hot scene you painted.

Anonymous said...

I am new to this whole scene and only dressing by myself but this is what I'm after. I want nothing more than to be fucked from behind and the take that nasty cock and full load of cum in my mouth I suck and lick it til it's clean