Saturday, June 2, 2007

Sissies Serve Mistress Gypsy & Friends - 2 of 4

Part 2

Mistress plans to entertain friends

Mistress Gypsy, and some of her friends have decided to get together to watch a new chick flick and Mistress decided that she would have her sissy boys provide the food, drink and subsequent entertainment.

At the appointed time, tricia and I had the apartment spotless and all the food and drinks prepared. We worked all day on the sweets and treats to please Mistress and her friends. We knew that if we did not do well it would reflect poorly upon our Mistress. We wanted everything perfect. We also donned our starched black French maid’s outfits with lots of white lace and ruffles. The petticoats pushed out the skirts so that we often could hear them rustle as we passed in the hallway.

Mistress Gypsy Arrives

Mistress' friends we all quite prompt in their arrival. Tricia and I each curtsied deeply and introduced ourselves upon the arrival of each guest and offered them snacks and drinks. Mistress Gypsy arrived fashionably late and made a grand entrance. She wore tight black jeans, a silky top that almost looked like a camisole, and black boots. In addition she had a pet in tow. The pet was one of her sissy lap dogs. Pet's name is robert, a handsome young male in his mid 20’s. As it turns out, robert is a male dressed in a sissy dress. It was pink with lots of ruffles and a big bow. Of course he wore petticoats with his dress. It was a dress very much like the one that tricia and I would wear when we dressed for dinner. Robert had pink painted nails and pink lipstick. It was quite noticeable that he was a sissified male because he was not allowed to wear a wig. In fact he had a crew cut which was highlighted by the big pierced hoop earrings he wore. He was also not wearing a bra to look feminine. He looked like an effeminately dressed male, which is exactly the look Mistress wanted for him. But what was most startling was the delicate pink collar he wore with fake pink stones and the leash that was attached to it. Of course Mistress Gypsy was at the other end of the leash smiling. She went over to the couch and sat down as though she owned the world. Tricia and I knew she certainly owned ours. Robert dutifully sat on the floor with his legs curled up beneath him like a little girl. He also had a shopping bag with colored crepe paper billowing out. It had the name of a local fetish shop on it. I eyed the bag and wondered what was in it. Actually I was a bit apprehensive over what was in it. What did Mistress have in mind? Respectfully I said nothing about it. When Mistress saw fit to let us know we would find out.

When Mistress and all her girlfriends hugged and said their hellos she turned around and her favorite cocktail was on a silver tray. Tricia held one side of the tray with his right hand and I held the other side of the tray with my left hand. Our free hands were clasped as we pressed our bodies close together. We hoped Mistress would be pleased by our attentiveness but she didn't even smile. She just grabbed her drink and turned to her friends.

Well, the chick flick went off without a hitch. However, Tricia and I were constantly running back and forth for food and drinks. The women apparently delighted in making us prance around on our 5" heels for every little item, separately. The only thing one could hear other than the movie was a quiet, "yes, Mistress", or "yes, Ma'am", and the sounds of our petticoats swooshing when we brushed up against something. Every now and then we saw Mistress Gypsy feeding a small morsel of food to Robert, who remained sitting on the floor in his pink dress like a pet dog. He did not reach up with his hands, but allowed Mistress to place the item between his lipstick covered lips. I do have to admit he is such a cute sissy pet.

The sissies entertain Mistress and Friends

Now the movie was over and one of the women said, "Gypsy is it time for the real show now?" Mistress said, "Of course. Julie, bring out the camera. Remember ladies, they are instructed to do anything they are told, so let's have some fun. Also, if you are not pleased by my sissy boys, you are free to punish them as you see fit." Well, Tricia and I looked at each other apprehensively as to what might ensue.

For the next two hours, the women would have us posing for pictures as Miss Julie snapped away. It was however, Mistress Gypsy that seemed to orchestrate the overall program, like a conductor with an orchestra. One of the other women, I think it was Miss Barb, must be a decorator or artist because she arranged most of the poses as the other women called out what they wanted. After only fifteen minutes Mistress said, "I think my sissies should take off their maid's dresses and prance around in their lingerie for us." The women were gleeful at the idea. Tricia and I unzipped each other's dresses and helped one another to slip off our petticoats as well. Both of us were wearing identical lingerie; ruffled rumba panties, bra, waist cincher, garter belt and stockings, and a very lacy camisole. The only difference was that my lingerie was all black and Tricia's was white. It made a nice contrast between us.

Tricia and I were instructed to kiss one another in many different positions. We had to hug, kiss and caress one another constantly. I was getting sexually excited and could tell that my sissy roommate was too. This was obvious to me when we were made to press our lingerie clad bodies together in intimate embraces. I think the women also knew we were getting sexually excited by the looks on our faces. We were ordered out of our panties. Now we were standing there as two effeminately dressed males with our small erect cocks in front of us. The flash went off again and again. It was humiliating for us both. The women called us fairies, sissies, and pantywaist cock suckers. Mistress told us that she would be sure that all the women had copies of the photos for their albums and that we would be required to have several enlarged, framed, and hung on the wall so we were reminded what sissies we were.

Now the women were so pleased, they increased the rate and intensity of the caressing and kissing between the two effeminate men. We were required to rub our erect cocks together as we kissed. And of course as we two male fairies intertwined our lingerie clad bodies the contrast of our black and white lingerie would be evident in the photos and to all who saw of the whole humiliating experience. Mistress reminded us, "Dear little fairy boys, remember you are not allowed to cum unless I say so." We both gave out a timid, "yes Mistress". Miss Barb promptly slapped us each on our bare asses several times. "You ungrateful sissy bitches, should be more exuberant when addressing your Mistress", Miss Barb declared. Both tricia and I quickly corrected our mistake and responded more exhuberantly and apologetically to Mistress Gypsy.

One of the women had, until now, been rather quiet and laid back. It was Goddess Pagan. Mistress Gypsy smiled knowing what was going to happen next. Mistress Gypsy whispered something into the ear of her pet lap sissy, Robert, then said, "Go fetch, bitch." Robert went into the other room while Florence and I cringed so much that our pathetic little cocks went limp. Sissy robert came back with an arm full of bondage devices from the other room where Mistress Gypsy had them stored. Goddess and Mistress looked at each other and gave one another a big knowing smile. The other women did too.


simon said...

Ilove the frilly knickers.I wear mine secretly when I am brave enough. You;re so lucky. I wish so much that my wife would really understand my sissy needs and force me to dress as a sissy slut whenever we're together.

FemFox said...

Hi sissy gina,

OMG how wonderful your stories are!! Please please write more. I so want to rub my pretty panties against you and slide our silky lingerie against each other. Ohh my I love it. I LOVE IT!!

Please write more, I am subscribing to your blog

Love and kisses XXX


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