Saturday, June 2, 2007

Sissies Serve Mistress Gypsy & Friends - 4 of 4

Part 4

The final performance

Oh it was such a relief to be out of bondage. We knew that the pictures of us trussed up as a couple of sissy males in bondage while eating pussy would be quite humiliating. Mistress Gypsy said, "Sissy gina, you lost the competition so you will be required to recite your confession while you and tricia embrace and kiss. I want you to do this until you both cum all over each other, but your sissy boyfriend, tricia, must cum before you do." Two weeks ago, Mistress had each of us write and memorize a confession of our perversions, which we would recite when demanded. Of course it had to be humiliating and include praise for our Mistress Gypsy.

The women all gathered close and sipped their drinks, which sissy robert filled while tricia and I were in bondage. Tricia and I stood close, held both of each others hands and gently kissed as I began my monolog. "Dear Mistress Gypsy, thank you for making me a better sissy than I was before and for the training and attention that you have given me." I ran my hands from tricia's broad male shoulders down to the tops of his stockings. "I am a sissy male and I must confess that I like to wear women's lingerie and in fact, any type of women's clothing. It gives me great pleasure when I am dolled up in make-up, heels, and hose. The sensual feel of the silky delicate clothing brings me excitement and stimulation." As I drew a breath, tricia hugged me and gave be a long empassioned kiss and, as I moaned, he slid his deep red lipstick covered lips down my neck and onto my bare shoulders. One of the women shouted out, "keep going faggot, we want to hear more."

I recouped my composure and was about to continue but couldn't remember my confession so I just continued on as best as I could. "Dearest Mistress, I want to thank you for showing me that I am a submissive male and that I cannot be worthy of having sexual pleasures with a woman as a male. I am now content to be relegated to the status of a sexual toy for the pleasure of others." I wrapped my arms around tricia's back and pulled him close and slid my body down so that the silky fabric of my camisole rubbed against his erect cock and made it swell further. He moaned with delight.

"I now also know that you have trained tricia and I together for a purpose and that is to make us desire each other and be sexually attracted to one another by having both of us sexually charged and in lingerie together so much. You have broken my hope of ever having a relationship with a woman, other than as her servant. I now know I must be satisfied as a sissy with a sissy." I moved my hands to tricia's rear and pulled him close, starting to move to an upright position as I kept my body pressed against his rigid cock. As I moved up I made sure that the whole time tricia's cock was pressed against my lingerie clad body. When fully standing I kissed my sissy boyfriend on the mouth. Of course we were wearing matching lipstick because we knew we would be kissing together like lovers.

"I must also confess that I do like tricia as both my girlfriend and boyfriend. You are indeed so wise to make us be effeminate sissy males together. When you make us perform for you, I feel humiliated because I am a perverted sissy male and you know how to manipulate our psyches. You are young but know us profoundly and allow us no secrets." Tricia suddenly grabbed my pathetic but hard cock. I almost came right there but luckily didn't because Mistress instructed me to see that my sissy boyfriend came first.

"Mistress, you are a beautiful woman and I tried to look as good as you do, but could never attain that ideal. In fact I am now committed as a result of your training, that I should not try to obtain that ideal that you represent as a real woman, but to achieve that of an idealized woman who does not exist. The kind of woman that most men strive to have, I must become. I now dedicate myself to be ultra femme, to wear girl’s dresses with bows and ribbons, and frilly petticoats. I will never again wear male underwear but instead, delicate lingerie to always remember my place. I am humiliated when at work, the men line up at the urinals to pee proudly holding their well hung cocks in their hands. I, on the other hand, must slink over to the stalls and pull down my frilly panties and sit down to pee. Of course I can also see my tightly gartered stockings holding up my sheer stockings while only a few feet away from all those male studs." I whispered to tricia not to make me cum yet. He let go of my cock. I was so sexually stimulated I could barely stand it and with a glance at Mistress Gypsy, I could tell that she knew it too. She smiled and was enjoying my humiliation and the fact that she had pushed me into deeper submission. She knew she had me in her control.

I gently caressed tricia's hard cock with my left hand, pulled him closer to me by putting my arm around the small of his back, gave him a slow kiss with a light touch of my lips and continued. "I, I, I am sexually attracted to you tricia, darling. I like feeling your hard cock against me. I like it when we are in bed together dressed in lingerie and long nightgowns. The feeling of the silky fabric as we press our bodies together simply thrills me. Dressing with you as girls with ruffled petticoats and hearing the petticoats swish as we hug one another in a romantic embrace sends my head spinning". It was too much for sissy tricia, the women watched and cheered as he came all over me. Mistress said, "now sissy gina it is your turn but make sure that tricia wears your cum on his face." "I immediately replied, "Yes, Mistress."

I knew it wouldn't be long before I would cum as well. I pushed sissy tricia down on his knees, and as I did he put his hands on my legs where the garters and stockings came together. He pressed his fake breasts against me so that my cock lay in between. Nearly breathless I continued, "Thank you again Mistress for turning me into a complete sissy fairy, for making me love the pleasures of being with another sissy in lingerie, and making me recognize my place at your feet."

I was so stimulated all I could do is blurt out, "Oh tricia, rub my sissy cock. I love being a sissy and a fairy and want Mistress to continue to feminize me. I don't want to be a man, only a sissy in lingerie and heels. Oh Mistress, make me a fairy, make me a faggot, let me please you as the sissy I am...." With that I came and came all over my roommate’s face. He had sticky cum dripping down from his cheeks and the bangs of his blonde wig.

I was exhausted and thought I would fall over. Mistress Gypsy ordered us to clean each other up by licking up all our cum. The women directed us to any cum we missed. We realized then, that we were being photographed the whole time and would relive our humiliation in front of Mistress Gypsy and her friends again and again.

Departure and hints of what is to come

Sissy pet robert was ordered to help us back into our frilly French maids dresses so we could clean up from the party. As we began our clean-up, the women thanked Mistress Gypsy for an entertaining evening and said they were looking forward to seeing the pictures. Mistress told her guests, "I will also be posting the best of them on my web site Monday. That way everyone can enjoy them. In addition, my pet will be staying with my two devoted sissy boys for a week. I have given pet a list of assignments for the three of them to do and invite you all to watch. I will post the times for each sissy performance."

Tricia and I curtsied as each woman left, but none of them acknowledged us. They just kept chatting and saying their good-byes to one another. Tricia and I knew we would be getting further instructions from Mistress Gypsy soon. We looked forward to them with fear and anticipation. When they left we hugged and gave one another a long kiss with our matching deep red lips. My sissy boyfriend, tricia, and I knew we would be sissy lovers for a long time to come and that Mistress had many ideas for our further feminization.


Tricia Anne said...

Girlfriend/boyfriend Gina,

I love this series.

Hugs and kisses,

Sissy Tricia Anne

Duncan said...

i envie your sissy maids to have a Mistress like you who is so good to them would be my dream come ture Mistress Gypsy. i can only dream of such a wonderful place. if only thier was someone like Mistress Gypsy out thier for me to please . IS THERE? if so Contact me on