Saturday, November 29, 2008

sissy gina's fantasy with Master Jim

The following was written under the inspiration of Master Jim.
He started the topic and I wrote the story.

Part 1 The Fetish Ball

I would like you to take me to a fetish ball. I suspect you
will wear something befitting a doinant male. Something which
belies your uderlying strength and dominating spirit. It could
be leather or simply something casual in black. Then there
would be me. Dressed in a short pink dress with lots of frilly
lace, ribbons, and bows. A real Lolita style little girl look,
but exaggeratedly feminine. Of course I will be wearing a
petticoat to give a real frilly look. Aren't I so innocent?
I am wearing tan seamed stockings and 5' high heels in pink.
They are open-toed to show off my pretty polished toenails.
The stockings are held up by white garters, but the skirt is
short and the garters sometimes show. I am also wearing a
really tightly laced white corset to which the eight garters
are attached.

When I show up at your home, I find that there is another
effeminate sissy dressed very much like I am. You introduce
her as jill. Before we go to the ball, You take out two butt
plugs and tell Jill and I to bend over. We comply and one at
a time you slide down our panties and push a lubricated butt
plug into each of us sissy girls. You declare, "Now you little
pantywaists, you will be plugged all evening so that you will
remember your role. That is, to serve me and be my pleasure
dolls. Later the butt plugs will be replaced with my raging
hard cock, so remember that. Remember that all night long."
We are told to pull up our ruffled panties and are ushered
out the door. As you usher us out the door, you pat each of
us on the behind, just enough to make us aware of the butt
plugs, as a reminder of our submissive status.

All three of us sit in the front seat of your car, with me in
the middle. As we travel, you constantly have you hands
pawing me, and sliding them up my skirt. You tell us, "OK
now my little faggot cum sluts, I want you to stay together
and hold hands all night long. When I say the word 'pansy' in
any context during the evening, you are both to kiss each
other passionately and caress each other as a couple of
effeminate sissy queers for 1 minute." Right then we heard
you say the word pansy and immediately acted like the girly
boi fags you desired. We saw your smile as we drove on.

The fetish ball was quite an event. People were wildly
dressed and everyone was having a great time. After jill
and I fetched you a drink, holding hands the whole time as
we walked together in our 5" heels, you take a gulp and
loudly demand in a voice that many can hear even over the
loud music, "Get on your knees you pantywaist sissies!"
We curtsied quickly and complied. You reach into your pocket
and pull out two pink collars with rindstones. There is a
big smile on your face as you place it around my neck in
front of everyone. Then you did the same for jill. A small
group of people is standing and watching as you put the
pink collars on us, and they applaud. Next, with jill and
I still on our knees, you take out two pink leashes and
clip one on each of us. I don't know about jill, but I was
feeling really humiliated by this. I never expected this
kind of humiliating treatment. I swallowed hard and told
myself that I am a submissive sissy and need to acknowledge
it, so I complied with everything you said, reluctantly but

Next we hear your voice boom out again, "Alright you
little pansies, you can stand up now." Oh, my, he said
that word, 'pansy'. Jill and I quickly looked at each
other and simultaneously started our required one minute
erotic encounter with one another. We did act like a
couple of absolute fairies, kissing and caressing. I
could tell jill was getting relly turned on, her little
clittie was hard and pressed up against me. Of course
I was turned on too. I couldn't belive that I was being
made to act like a sissy queer with another pantywaist
in public. Master Jim is once again heard in a booming
voice, "Look at that folks, my little submissive cum
dolls are so hot for one another. Did you know that neither
of them are allowed sex with women anymore?" One
leather-clad woman from the crowd yelled out, "Who would
want them? All they are good for it clean up duty, if you
know what I mean." The group applauded.

The evening was quite interesting. Several shows and
displays were put on and the crowd loved them. There was
a bondage corner too. Master Jim assured us that one day
we would be displayed in that bondage corner too. All in
all the evening was a great success and a lot of fun. Of
course it was intensely humiliating to be pushed into an
increasingly submissive role in front of so many others.
Jill and I were both sexually turned on by the constant
sissy play in which we were forced to engage all evening.

Part 2 After the fetish ball

On the way home, sissy jill and I heard the word 'pansy'
many times and over and over again had to act like the
sissy queers you were teaching us to become. You just
laughed and degraded us. We were reminded often that
we were effeminate sissy sluts and only worthy if we
were serving a man, of course you were referring to
yourself as that man.

Back at your place, jill and I were instructed to unzip
each others frilly sissy dresses and take them off, along
with our petticoats. So there stood both gina and jill in
white lingerie and perched atop 5' high heels. We noticed
that as soon as we started to undress you we snapping
pictures with your camera. Then we were instructed to
pose in sexy poses, individually and with one another.
It seemed as though you were a director and making a movie.

Next you came over and tightened both our corsets, and I do
mean tightened. I could hardly breathe, but the corsets did
give us a nice feminine shape. Once again you felt our butt
plugs. You asked, "Are you two little cum sluts ready for
a man's cock?" Almost in unison, jill and I replyed,
"Yes Sir."

"OK you faggots, beg for it. Tell me that you want it.
Tell me how much you need to have my cock in you. Tell me
what fucking sluts you want to be. Tell me you want me to
be your Master. Now you first gina slut."

I didn't know where to start, but I knew I needed to start
somewhere, "Sir, I am a lowly sissy male. I have no greater
purpose than to serve you, a dominant male. As a sissy male
I know I must wear women's clothing and that I must dress
sexy to please and entertain you. It is kinky and perverse
but I like to do this for you. I like to dress like a sissy
slut for your pleasure. You should also know that I want
to be sexy and appealing for you so that you will enjoy
using me for your sexual pleasure. As a sissy it is my
job to wiggle my ass and hope that you will want to use me."

In a demanding tone, you say, "Get on with it gina, you
slutty fag boi."

"Yes, Sir. Please know Sir that I want your cock in me.
It is important for me to please you and to show my
submissive status. Please make me suck you cock. Please,
because I need it so. I want you to be sexually dominant
over me. I know that you will not only make me suck you
cock but fuck my ass as well. I know this is my fate and
I want it. I want it so much. Make me your cum doll. Make
me clean you off after you have finished using my mouth
and ass."

"Are you ready to be my submissive cum slut, gina?"

"Yes, Sir," I replied. I get on my knees and beg for
you to use me and make me you pantywaist cum doll.

"Well good gina, you can have your wish." With that you
take out a leather device and start to put me in it. I
realize it is an armbinder. My arms are soon tightly
fastened together behind my back. I am positioned in
front of a nearby tall mirror. "OK slut, do you like
what you see? Do you like being a sumbissive male in
erotic women's clothing and tied up in bondage?"

I felt so humiliated seeing myself like this in the
mirror, but at the same time I was strangely excited.
"Yes Sir, I like what I see. I like dressing femininely
and being in bondage."

"Good, my little cum doll." With that I see you drop
you pants. You cock is already engorged and you push me
to my knees and shove your cock in my mouth, and demand,
"Suck it cunt." I do. I do so eagerly. I alternately suck
it, lick you balls, even lick you ass as you demand. I
change the pace of my cock sucking many times. Sometimes
I use my tongue around the head of your cock and other
times I take it all into my mouth down to the base of
your engorged shaft. "That's right you little cock sucker,
work it harder. Work it baby. This is what you're good
for, gina. Suck like you really want it, because you
know you do. You're just a fucking cunt. Look in the
mirror. Look what you are. Look what you have become.
You're a sissy cunt."

You grab the back of my head and push my head down on
your cock so that I gag and gag. "Don't stop cunt. You
gotta learn to take it doll. Take it all." Then suddenly
you pull me off. In a moment I feel you from behind,
pulling me up to my feet. My arms are still tightly bound
behind me as you bend me over forward. I feel the butt
plug pulled out of me, but almost right away, I feel you
pushing your hard cock in my sissy pussy. Ohhh, it hurts.
Your cock is large and it is such a tight fit inside me.
I wince a bit. You notice this and state, "You better get
used to this because you are going to get fucked regularly,
you fucking cum doll. And that is what you want, isn't
it? That is what your are here for, isn't it? If you want
to wear the skirt, you better learn how to take the cock."

I meekly reply, "Yes Sir. That is what I want. That is
what I need. I know that I am sexually submissive and
can never function as a man, so I must function as a
sissy cum doll."

"Now look in the mirror, sissy bitch. You are mine now.
You are my cum slut and I will fuck you anytime I want
and use you for my pleasure. And I will tie you up to
further show you I am boss. I am going to fuck your ass
good, cunt." With that, I feel you push inside me harder.
You push in and pull out. I am so helpless all trussed
up in the armbinder. The corset barely allows me to
breathe, and I can hardly stand, perched on my 5" heels
as you ram your cock inside me over and over again.

As you pound my ass, you continually degrade me verbally.
"Slut gina, I am going to totally dominate you sexually.
It is my intention to make you into my personal cum doll,
and you will beg for it too. I will fuck your mouth and
sissy cunt to show that I am dominant over you. You will
continue to wear sexy women's clothing to reinforce your
submissive status. In fact, you will only wear skirts and
dresses. I don't want you to be wearing women's pants.
Skirts are for sissies, and you are to be my submissive
slut doll and will be in skirts all the time from now on."

It seems like I have been fucked forever. Bent over, in
bondage, and perched on high heels, I am beginning to
feel weak. I am precariously balanced, and would fall
over from pounding rhythm of your hard dick in my ass
pussy, over and over again. Only your strength keeps
me from loosing my balance. It makes me realize even
more that you are strong and in control and that I can
only rely upon you. The whole situation reinforces your
strengths and my weakness and my dependence upon you.

After an eternity of having my ass pounded as I am
forced to watch my humiliating submissive role in the
mirror, I feel you pull out. In an instant, your cock
is in front of my face and you demand that I suck your
cock again. Immediately you put your hand on the back
of my head and shove it so that I take you whole cock.
I gag, but I persist in my submissive role and suck. I
feel you are cumming. A load of cum is shot into my mouth,
and as it is, you say, "Don't you dare swallow my cum,
you fucking slut." With such a load of cum, I have an
urge to swallow, but resist as I am told.

"Jill get over here." Jill immidiately complies. "Gina,
give all that salty cum to your faggot girlfriend." Jill
comes over to kiss me and I work diligently to transfer
all you how salty cum into jill's mouth. Likewise jill
is also ordered not to swallow. We transfer the cum back
and forth to one another several times as demanded, until
finally you order, "OK jill, swallow the cum, and clean
off my cock, slut." I am released from my bondage and we
are both stood up in front of the mirror so we can see
ourselves, two effeminate sissified males in sexy lingerie,
make-up, and high heels. But what is more important is that
we were beginning to realize that we were being sexually
dominated by a man, and we no longer had any choice in
the matter. This is what Master Jim demanded, and we gave
ourselves to him because we are weak and submissive and
Master is strong and dominant.

Jill and I were both told, "OK you pantywaists, I want
you both to know that I have taped this whole incident.
After some editing, Gina, you will be required to view
this tape regularly so that you see yourself in the
degrading submissive role in which you belong. And jill,
don't worry, there will soon be a tape of you too. In
fact there will be lots of tapes of both of you on your
knees, on your backs, and in many humiliating and
submissive roles."

Part 3 Further Training Planned

Jill and I were standing infront of the mirror in our
lingerie waiting for our next instructions. "Now my
little fairies, I want you to know that it is my intention
to turn you into sissy faggot queers. You already can not
have sex with women and can never use your pathetic little
clitties to penetrate another person, ever again. You role
is to receive a man's cock in your mouth and sissy ass.
It is my intent that the two of you will spend most of
your time together as two sissy queers. You will be made
to kiss and caress each other regularly. You will sleep
together in a single bed wearing a bra, panties, garter
belt, stockings, and nightgown. I want you living so
close to each other so that you are always feeling each
other's silky lingerie clad bodies. I am going to train
you two so that you will only have sexual release with
one another. You may not suck one another, but be ordered
to cum all over each other as I demand. You will be
instructed to act like the real fairies that I am going
to train you to be. I am going to make it so that you
are so sexually charged up by one another on a regular
basis. This will be for my entertainment and also to
reinforce you submissive roles. All this will be
documented with photos and video." "I intend to have
the sissy queer activities of the two of you together
all over the internet. In addition you will often go out
in frilly sissy attire in public so all can see you and
gawk at you. I will totally break your male egos and I
will make you both totally submissive."

"Then there will be more training with me." Jill and I
look in the mirror and realized we are being totally
dominated into becoming transvestite sissy cum dolls.


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Wow, that was very hot!

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I am ready to play the part of Jill with you! who will be our master?

sissy tammy

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oh my, sissy gina, that story was very very good ~~ pansy

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What a wonderful story. I am sure all us gurls would love to trade places with you. You are a wonderful author and I cant wait to read your next post.

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Oooh! When you do the movie, can I audition for the role of Jill?



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I really wish this would happen to me.

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I would love to have this done to me

Anonymous said...

I would love to have this done to me

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I would love it